International Survey of Chaplain Activity and Experience during Covid-19

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Thank you for opening this survey about your experiences as a chaplain during the international COVID-19 pandemic. We know some countries don't refer to chaplains, so for the purpose of this survey the term chaplain refers to all professional spiritual care practitioners: all those paid to deliver spiritual care.

The goals of our project are:

  1. Understand how chaplains in different parts of the world were involved in COVID-19-care
  2. Understand the different problems chaplains encountered
  3. Discover new ways of doing chaplaincy/interprofessional spiritual care in the context of a pandemic that we can use in future
  4. Develop a model of spiritual care for a future pandemic or comparable serious event.

The overall aim is to learn as much as possible about how, where, why and when chaplains were deployed during this unprecedented time. This in turn could help us all learn from each other and make sure chaplains are not just ready for the next pandemic, but also improve the ways they help people in spiritual distress, whatever the occasion.

The survey should take on average 15 to 20 minutes, and no more than 30 minutes.

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