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ENSA 50: The Voice of the Student Body

Would you like to meet new people, influence positive change and have a genuine voice in representing students’ interests?

ENSA 50 is the Student Experience Action Group for Edinburgh Napier students. It has an important role in supporting and challenging ENSA's Elected Officers to represent the needs of all Edinburgh Napier University students.

The Group exists to:

  • create and approve policies to be implemented by the Elected Officers
  • address the collective concerns of students and charge Elective Officers with addressing those concerns
  • provide a pool of engaged, informed and active student representatives from which the Elected Officers may draw upon to assist with campaigns
  • hold the Student President and Co-Presidents to account for their work on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University students.

To find out more about the ENSA 50, check out our website.

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Will you be attending the first meeting (Tuesday 1 November) in-person or online?
The event will be held at Craiglockhart Campus (1/115) from 5pm - 6pm